Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the average life of a garage door opener?

A: Most garage door openers will last many years. However, if you have an old garage door opener without photo eyes, consider replacing it with a newer, safer model.

Q: One of the two cables running down the side of my garage door snapped; can I fix it myself?

A: Only a professional repair technician should replace high-tension cables.

Q: Can you install my old garage door opener onto my new garage door?

A: Yes, but first we must determine whether or not your old garage door opener is equipped with all the safety features that are required by law.

Q: Do you offer garage door painting services?

A: Unfortunately, we do not.

Q: Is it ok to leave my garage door partially open?

A: No. Though leaving the door part way open will not harm your door, it is a dangerous practice. Garage doors can weigh more than 500 pounds and can cause serious injury or death if someone is trapped beneath it. 

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