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Use silicone grease or WD40 to lubricate the moving parts of your door – such as hinges, and roller stems. You can also lubricate the overhead track. However, if you have a screw drive garage door opener, you must use special low-temp lithium grease on the track.  You can also spray the springs with WD40. However, DO NOT, under any circumstances try to adjust or remove the springs.


From time to time, take a look at the door's springs, cables, rollers, pulleys and  hinges. If something doesn't look quite right or you hear a funny noise, give us a call.


Use silicon grease to lubricate the moving parts of your door. Do NOT  lubricate any plastic parts such as weather striping  or plastic rollers. Also, periodically lubricate the overhead door track. Call If you have a screw drive opener, you must use lithium grease on the drive.


Use mild household cleaners to wash off the surface of steel doors. Be sure to rinse thoroughly.

Clean the frame's weather stripping with a vinyl cleaner.

Paint or varnish wood door exteriors to protect them from the weather.  Be careful
not to get any paint on the vinyl weatherstripping.


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